Life is NOT a Rehearsal.

Do you ever feel you are living your life by someone else’s script?

Perhaps you’re feeling that you seldom get to have your say about what YOU want from YOUR life? 

Are you struggling with speaking out and having your voice heard? 

Isn’t it about time you rewrote your script and started living your life according to your terms?

The harsh truth is LIFE is NOT A REHEARSAL, and REGRET is NOT an option.

The only time to start putting yourself first and living the life you truly desire is NOW.

not a rehearsalAnd this is where I will help you.

I work with psychological abuse survivors and busy parents trying to fit everything in. With my unique blend of drama and theatre, psychology, life lessons and a business background, I offer coaching, talks and books designed to help you to rewrite your script and create the perfect scenarios for your blockbuster life, so you can step out of the wings and shine.

My name is Deborah. I have always been someone who gets things done. My mantras are ‘no matter what’, ‘whatever it takes’ and ‘there’s always a way’. Recognised as an ‘enabler’ in the book “Recipe for Success” by Blaire Palmer, if I’m not getting my own stuff done, I’m helping others to get their stuff done.

Mine is a perpetual journey out of the wings into the spotlight. From being recognised in 2007 by Insider magazine as one of South Wales’ “Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch” and finding myself sitting on the IOD Wales Management committee I am all about shining brightly and supporting others out of the wings and into their spotlight so they too can shine brightly in their own LIFE production.

Deborah Meredith

I’ve had my fair share of hiding in the wings too. When my industry leading business became insolvent overnight I was plunged into the turmoil of taking my own business through administration, personal bankruptcy, my 2nd marriage collapsing, 3 redundancies, panic attacks, agoraphobia and more. For a while I thought I might stay in the wings forever but the lure of the spotlight proved too much of a draw.

Knowing I couldn’t (and wouldn’t) spend the rest of my life hiding in the wings, I decided that I would get back into my spotlight no matter what and whatever it takes. I created a plan, a rehearsal schedule if you like, that enabled me to do just that and I am passionate about enabling you to create your own rehearsal schedule to move you gently out of the wings into your own spotlight.

You can find out more about me and my work by clicking HERE, or select one of the options below to find out more about my coaching services.



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