Life is Not A Rehearsal.

Life is tough at the best of times and when you’re following the wrong script it’s even more difficult.

Life has a way of letting you know you’re off-script.

You and I are very similar.

We’re both somewhere in our mid-life and we’ve both woken up on more than one occasion thinking “There’s got to be more to life than this” or “Is this is?” and then we’ve sat down with a cup of tea or coffee, or a bottle of wine and asked ourselves “What happened to the dreams I had? What happened to the plans I made?”.

Then, whilst in our depressing reverie we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re too old, too fat, too broke, too tired, don’t have enough time, aren’t clever enough, could never make it work anyway to make our dreams or plans a reality. And we decide that we have to continue to follow the script that we’ve been handed, which certainly isn’t the script that we wanted to follow when we entered our adult years full of hopes, dreams and desires.

Well I’ve got news for you, YOU are never too old, YOU are never too fat, too broke, too tired or don’t have enough time, YOU ARE clever enough and YOU CAN make it work.

In creating Not A Rehearsal I believe that if you WANT to follow your dreams and make amazing changes in your life YOU CAN no matter what your age.

And that’s what Not a Rehearsal is all about. It’s about helping YOU to Create YOUR Blockbuster Life, Step out of the Wings into YOUR Spotlight and do Whatever It Takes.not a rehearsal

By working with me through any of the Not A Rehearsal programmes or by reading my books you will learn that it really is possible to step out of the wings into YOUR spotlight and create your Blockbuster life. You will learn how to rewrite your own script and shine.

Your past doesn’t have to define your future and Not a Rehearsal gives you the opportunity to create the rest of your life on your terms.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing to work with me.

After all Life is Not a Rehearsal and if you’re not the star of your own Blockbuster, then you’re playing a bit part in someone else’s blockbuster. Which would you prefer to do?


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