Today is Safer Internet Day.  It’s a minefield out there as an adult ensuring that your data is safe, your profile hasn’t been hacked, dealing with ‘haters’ and trying to ensure you get the right balance between business and personal posts.

As a parent, it’s ten-times worse as I’m sure you’ll agree.  I have an ‘almost’ 14-year old.  We’ve had daily battles about why he’s not allowed to play the latest 16 or 18 rated X-box game even though “all my friends are allowed”.  We have battles about how much screen time he’s allowed and we’ve to endure major sulks if he’s asked to move away from a screen of any type.

We’ve gone through major pain by setting time limits for the wifi – it switches off automatically at 8.30pm every night for all of us.  The parental controls are set up and were a condition of him getting a new phone.  It was painful, not just for him, for all of us.

But, after about 6 – 8 weeks of agony we’ve reached a happy medium.  It’s now accepted that 8.30pm is family time and we have a pleasant teenage boy in our midst.

All relationships need work.  The parent/teenager relationship is possibly the most difficult but by far the most rewarding.

I’d love to know what are your tips for creating a safer internet environment for your teens?

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