Don’t you just love books?  Try as I might I can’t quite get as attached to my kindle as I do to books.  I love the convenience of my kindle for travelling but nothing beats the smell and feel of books, old or new.

World Book Day always excites me.  It evokes memories of books long since destined to the great library in the sky, books that sit on my bookshelf unread since the first time but too valuable to pass on, books that have helped me through some tough times, books that have educated me about subjects I’m passionate in, books that create wanderlust, that make my mouth water, that help me escape.

I’ve often said that I can live very easily without a TV but I can’t live without books and that’s true.  In fact, I remember moving to London to take a job 20+ year ago and my parents buying me a small portable TV. I knew no-one and they were worried that I’d feel lonely so bought me the TV to keep me company.  I switched it on once a week to watch BBC Question Time in bed!  These days, I watch so little that I don’t have a subscription service to any of the satellite channels or Netflix and yet again, it gets switched on only a couple of times a week, usually to find a family film to watch sometime over the weekend.

But I can’t live without books.  It was heart-breaking when I downsized a number of years ago and had no choice but to reduce the number of boxes of books I was taking with me.  The decision over which books should stay and which should be donated to charity took much longer than packing down the entire house!!

We now have two full book-cases in the house but that’s nowhere near enough for me.  My dream is to have a house large enough that I can have a study where one wall is completely full of books.  A girlfriend of mine has an entire reading room of which I’m inordinately envious but I know that if that was my room no-one would ever see me in any other part of the house and I’d never get any work done.

I get completely immersed in books and it’s the only time I’m totally able to block out everything else around me.  I can remember as a teenager being told off by my father on numerous occasions because I hadn’t heard the call in to tea or to get ready to go out because I was curled up somewhere with my nose in a book, in my head I was a million miles away from the sofa or the garden or wherever it was I was reading.  I even used to sit and read in a tree outside our house, two of the branches were very old and thick and the exact size for the 13/14 year old me to lay back in and read for hours on end.  Nowadays, the fact that those branches were directly over a very busy main road would undoubtedly mean children would be banned from enjoying them!  Yes, I had to climb about 15ft up the tree with a book tucked under my arm, held between my teeth or shoved into the back pocket of my jeans in order to sit on the branches.

But I digress, are you a bookworm or do you prefer TV?

I also have a confession to make; if I walk into a house where there’s no bookcase, I get ever so slightly disappointed and sad.  I worry about how the occupants have coped without having books as a focal point of their lives.  To me a house with books is a home, a house without books is just a cold empty shell.

And now, even my own books adorn our bookcase.  I don’t think I ever expected that to happen.

Do you have a bookcase or do you prefer to keep everything electronic?

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