Books to Change Your Life

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Are you stuck in an abusive relationship? Do you feel you need to step out of it and into something else? Do you want to stand up for yourself and your beliefs? Are you feeling scared and alone?

This book is a story of survival and hope. It provides sound advice and guidance for anyone wishing they could rewrite their script and shine.

Deborah Jane seemed to have it all; a nice house in a sought after area, happy marriage, beautiful new baby, a growing industry-leading business and a good professional network who valued and respected her. Beneath the facade she was deeply unhappy and life was about to take a significant turn for the worse. Going through experiences she wouldn’t wish on her worst enemy, she hit rock bottom and realised the only way she was going to climb out of the pit was to do it herself, one step at a time. Proving that if you want something badly enough, it’s possible to do ‘whatever it takes’ to step out of the wings, into the spotlight and create your own blockbuster life.

Whatever It Takes : One woman’s story of living with, leaving and surviving psychological abuse.

£12.99 + P&P

Are you feeling like you’re stuck in a mid-life crisis? Are you feeling a little lost or stuck? Are you feeling that life has passed you by? Have you gone through major adversity and are wondering how to bounce back?

You are in the right place – this book will inspire and motivate you to rewrite your script. It is possible to rebuild your life.

Deborah Jane was in exactly the same place having had numerous ‘adventures through adversity’ until she decided she needed to rewrite her script and recreate her life on her terms.

Create YOUR Blockbuster Life is a warm, compassionate self-help book with Deborah Jane sharing her story and the tools, tips and strategies that took her from hiding out on her kitchen floor to speaking to a room full of strangers and then realising a lifelong ambition.

Deborah’s motto in life is ‘Whatever it takes’ and Create YOUR Blockbuster Life will help you to make gradual changes in your life, whatever it takes, to enable you to step out of the wings (your current life) into YOUR spotlight, whatever that may be, where you truly live the life you want.

£12.99 + P&P