It’s not without a significant dose of irony that I’m writing this post about National Nothing Day!  I find it quite amusing that we have to name a day ‘Nothing’ Day thus turning it into a ‘Something’ Day.  Or is it just me?

I bought a new planner for 2019 which I love and it has all of these totally random days listed.  So far this year we’ve had Bubble Bath Day, Houseplant Appreciation Day and Science Fiction Day.  Still to come this month are National Pie Day, Peanut Butter Day and Spouses Day.  Randomly opening the planner to June highlights National Doughnut Day, Clean Air Day and Wrong Trousers Day.

Alongside these are annual days for good causes and to raise awareness of all sorts of issues; World Vitiligo Day, Armed Forces Day, International Women in Engineering Day, International Widows’ Day (both fall on the same day).

Who comes up with all of these days?  How on earth do they enter National consciousness and get printed in a planner?  And I guess with so many ‘Something’ Days it is good to recognise a Day of Nothing.  But I revert to my original point, by naming it as National Nothing Day, doesn’t that just turn it into a ‘Something’ Day?

I’d love to know what you think.

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