What parts of your life to date would you edit out of a Blockbuster film of your life?

Tough question eh?

You could argue that you’d edit out all of the bad bits.  A bit like social media where the majority of people only post the good bits about their lives, it creates envy in all of their followers and people strive to emulate them.

Or, you could argue that you’re leaving all of it in because there’s lessons to be learned from the bad bits as well as the good.

We all have good and bad experiences in our life and it’s those experiences that bring us to where we are today.

When I’m coaching clients on my Lights, Camera, Action programme I start by looking at the past.  Looking at key moments, shining LIGHTS on them,  acknowledging that they happened and have shaped us in some way.  We then take a look through a different lens, CAMERA, at what lessons we could learn from them.  We then take those lessons, apply them and start to create a new script before creating an ACTION plan to create a Blockbuster life.

It takes a lot of hard work, courage, determination and persistence but no-one said stepping out of the wings into the spotlight was easy.

So I ask again, what parts of your life would you edit out of your script?  Would you edit any?  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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