Lights, Camera, Action!

Online Coaching – £1 Trial for the First month then £27 per month

Working in the comfort of your own home, each month receive a worksheet and guidance to take you through the Lights, Camera, Action process enabling you to create your own Blockbuster Life. 


Monthly Group Coaching – £39.99 per month

A monthly group facilitated by Deborah to help you rewrite your script and shine. Working with Deborah and other group members you will shine a light on your past, acknowledging what got you to where you are now, worked and what didn’t. You will then look through the camera lens to identify what your Blockbuster Life will look like before identifying the action you need to take to create your Blockbuster Life. You will then be guided out of the wings into YOUR Spotlight to become the star performer in your Blockbuster Life.

In the first instance please register your interest and the area you would wish to attend a group. All new groups start with monthly facilitated Zoom sessions until numbers are sufficient to take them offline.
Group Coaching will be backed up by a members-only Facebook Group.