I keep talking about taking tiny daily steps to get you closer to your spotlight.

This morning I received a fabulous review for my book which really humbled me. I’ve had a few reviews and I’m pleasantly surprised with each one. As I went to publication I thought to myself ‘who on earth is going to want to read my story’?

I’ve taken tiny steps each day to promote my book, improve my social media and really start to focus on raising the profile of both my mission and my coaching practice. As a result in just 3 short weeks I’ve almost sold out of the first print run of my book, delivered 8 talks, recorded 2 podcast interviews and have another one lined up. I haven’t been working full-time on it as it’s school holidays and I’ve got a teenager in the house but I’ve been taking small, consistent action and that’s got results, better results than I’d even imagined.

What results could you achieve 3 weeks from now if you take just one small daily action each day?

Share your goal here and let us know at the end of August how you got on.

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