I was the owner and Managing Director of a UK industry-leading business, recognised by Insider magazine as one of South Wales’ “Top 20 Entrepreneurs to Watch”.  I had a happy marriage and a new born son.  We lived in a lovely home in a sought after area and life was good.

At least, it was good until the business became insolvent, my marriage collapsed, I lost custody of my son, became personally bankrupt and realised I was stuck in a cycle of abusive relationships and self-sabotage behaviour!

Sound familiar?

I went through a number of years of hell whilst trying to work out what had happened and how on earth to get out the mess I was in and start living again.

That’s when my mantra ‘Whatever It Takes’ came to the fore and it’s how I created my Lights, Camera, Action and Step Into YOUR Spotlight programmes.

Knowing that I wanted to change and needed to change, I decided to do something about it. 

I rewrote my script.

Deborah Meredith

My books and coaching programmes share my story and the steps I took to change my life.

In following these steps and deciding to rewrite my script to step out of the wings into MY spotlight and create my own Blockbuster Life I changed the four main areas of my life;

  1. I went from a place of being bankrupt with no income to having a savings plan and clearing my debts.
  2. Battles with my weight and fitness became a thing of the past and I developed a healthy relationship with food, alcohol and exercise to become fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.
  3. After years of lurching from one abusive relationship to another, I met the love of my life and entered a truly equal, healthy relationship which just gets better and better.
  4. From being unemployed and unemployable I got a job at the EXACT salary I was hoping for and with the holidays and pension I wanted. I also realised a lifelong ambition of becoming a professional actor at the age of 42 and chose to undertake a BSc (hons) Psychology & Counselling with the Open University.

I no longer live my life hiding in the wings, afraid of the spotlight.  I’ve claimed my rightful place, in MY spotlight living MY Blockbuster Life.

Now I share the rehearsal process with you, to enable you to Create YOUR Blockbuster Life.


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